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This page is the brochure for your selected program. You can view the provided information for this program on this page and click on the available buttons for additional options.
  • Locations: Seoul, South Korea
  • Program Terms: Fall, Spring, Year
  • Restrictions: UMASS BDL applicants only
Dates / Deadlines:
Dates / Deadlines:
Term Year App Deadline Decision Date Start Date End Date
Year 2022-2023 03/15/2022 ** Rolling Admission TBA TBA
Fall 2022 03/15/2022 ** Rolling Admission TBA TBA

** Indicates rolling admission application process. Applicants will be immediately notified of acceptance into this program and be able to complete post-decision materials prior to the term's application deadline.
Fact Sheet:
Fact Sheet:
Who can apply: UMass Lowell Students Language of Instruction: English, Korean
Program Category: Study abroad Minimum GPA: 2.5
Program Type: Exchange
Program Description:
Yonsei University

View and download a brochure here: Yonsei University Flyer

About Yonsei University:
Yonsei University, founded in 1885 as the first modern institution of higher learning in Seoul, South Korea, is a highly regarded comprehensive research-intensive university. It is one of Korea's three "SKY" universities, considered the most prestigious in the country, with the other members being Seoul National University and Korea University. In addition to gaining academic excellence, international students are also exposed to a beautiful and culturally rich environment. Yonsei University is particularly fortunate to be situated in a spacious, quiet, and well-wooded environment with a mountain inside located just in the center of Seoul’s metropolitan area. Its scenic campus has recently been described as “one of the most beautiful campuses in the world” by CNN’s special program, EYE ON SOUTH KOREA.
  • The University has 114 academic programs in 23 colleges, offering instruction in most of the normal “arts and sciences” subjects. Yonsei operates exchanges with a significant number of international universities (including Chicago) and hosts roughly 1,300 exchange students from around the world every year.
  • Yonsei educates the largest number of international students among Korean universities, with nearly 4,000 students in the academic year 2009.
  • Course are offered in a variety of areas: Arts, Culture, Humanities, Korean Studies, Management and Economics, Science, Technology, and Environment, Korean Language, East Asian Studies, Global Issues, Conflict, and Cooperation, and Social Sciences.
Tuition and fees are paid to UMass Lowell. Room and Board and other expenses will be paid to the host institution or other arrangement. The deadlines for student exchange applications are March 15 for the Fall semester and October 15 for the Spring semester.

Learn Abroad at Yonsei University and Experience a Day in the Life at Yonsei University.

How to Apply:
The general entry requirement is a Cumulative GPA of 3.0 on a scale of 4.0.  Applicants should normally have completed at least one year of university study at the time of application. UMass Lowell students should first complete the UMass Lowell application process by clicking "Apply Now" on this site.  Once approved for participation, students will be guided through the necessary application to the host university, as well as all the other steps to complete the Pre-Depature and Post-Departure components of their application. 

If students ever have any questions, they can always reach us with their inquiries by email at or by phone at 978-934-4660, and they can find us located on the third floor of University Crossing, Suite 370.

Yonsei University

Why Study in South Korea?:
South Korean FlagSeoul is a city that embraces both a modern and traditional way of life. Seoul is a city of opposites, bustling with palaces, city gates, and temples next to government offices, embassies, theatres, shopping, and more. By studying abroad  in this city of more than 25,000,000 inhabitants, you’ll explore museums, galleries, theaters, cultural venues, and historic monuments and sites, all with the purpose of providing you with a historical perspective into Korea’s dynastic periods which established the intellectual and cultural foundation for modern Korean society. 
  • Seoul is home to many IT corporations and is emerging as one of the most “wired” cities in the world, allowing you to experience the opportunities offered by the communications revolution. 
  • Seoul is located in the northwest corner of South Korea, and the Han River winds through the city, splitting it in two. It is an intriguing city, transforming itself from the Yi Dynasty capital of the Hermit Kingdom, to a major mover and shaker on the international scene, especially in the fields of commerce and sports.
  • Despite the modern high-rises and freeways, the cityscape retains pockets of centuries-old temples, palaces, pagodas, and gardens.

Student Life:
Yonsei Global is a student organization under the Office of International Affairs in Yonsei University. Since its foundation in 2003, it has been functioning as a bridge to a more satisfying life in Yonsei and in Korea as a whole for many exchange and international students. Through various programs and events organized and conducted by Yonsei Global, foreign students can successfully adapt to and learn Korean culture, make Korean and international friends, and enjoy a more eventful and exciting life on and off campus.
  • Every semester, Yonsei Global organizes and holds an event with a variety of cultural contents from many countries. 
  • First Step to Korea is an orientation provided by the Office of International Affairs for exchange students who are fresh off the boat, along with any other international students who are not yet familiar with the daily life in Korea and also in Yonsei. 
  • Popular Korean movies with English subtitles are screened at the Global Lounge every month.
  • Through the Language Exchange program, an exchange student and a student from Yonsei are matched together. Each pairs can meet regularly to eat dinner or hang around, to learn each other’s language and culture and become good friends.
  • Korean Culture Experience offers international students a chance to experience quite a variety of different Korean cultural activities, such as calligraphy, pottery, cooking, and traditional Korean dances and/or martial arts like Taekwondo.
  • The Global Angel program allows international students to do volunteer work, serving the Korean community, and experiencing a different aspect of Korean culture. 
  • This program introduces you to great places in Korea for hanging around and sightseeing, especially attractive to tourists and foreigners.
Learn more about Student Life at Yonsei University.

Yonsei Students

SK Global House & International House at Yonsei University can accommodate up to 880 students in double rooms with a mixture of Yonsei and international students. SK Global House accommodates up to 581 students and offers both single and double rooms while International House accommodates up to 232 students and offers double rooms.
  • The international students' dormitories (Gukje Haksa) house students from all over the world in a multicultural atmosphere.
  • The primary language used in both dormitories is English. 
  • There is a private bathroom is located inside each room of SK Global House while the bathroom facilities are centrally located on each floor of International House.
  • The size of the double room in International House is a little bit larger than that of SK Global House. Also, the double room in SK Global House does not have refrigerators while that in International House does.
Learn more about Accommodation at Yonsei University.

International House

Yonsei University has nineteen different colleges, schools, and programs, offering dozens of programs to over 26,000 undergraduate domestic and international students.
  • Yonsei is one of Korea's three "SKY" universities, which are the most prestigious in the country, with the other members being Seoul National University and Korea University. Admission of these "SKY" universities is extremely competitive. 
  • In 2012, Yonsei University was ranked 112th overall, 81st in Arts and Humanities, 12th in Modern Languages and 69th in Management and Social Sciences in the world by QS World University Rankings.
  • The 2009 Academic Ranking of World Universities placed Yonsei University at the 23–42 range in Asia/Pacific region and 3rd in South Korea.
Learn more about Academics at Yonsei University.

Yonsei CrestDepartment Links:
College of Liberal Arts
College of Business and Economics
School of Business
College of Science
College of Engineering
College of Life Science and Biotechnology
College of Theology
College of Social Sciences
College of Law
College of Music
College of Human Ecology
College of Sciences in Education
University College
Underwood International College (UIC)
Global Leadership Division
College of Medicine
College of Dentistry
College of Nursing
College of Pharmacy

Important: The courses should be chosen at one faculty only to which the application is consequently sent. It is also necessary to select primarily courses corresponding to the student‘s major at the home university so that the application could be forwarded to a specific department.Only a minor part of courses not corresponding to the major may be selected. 
  • Only after the admission by the relative faculty, the student may apply to one or two courses at another Yonsei University faculty.
  • Courses offered to the Erasmus program students are available for non-European exchange students.
  • It is better though to choose more courses in case some of them would be full.
Academic Year
The Fall semester starts in September and finishes in December, and  the Spring semester starts in March and finishes in June . Official information can be found on their website

Resources: Yonsei Students